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Mondly Languages Premium APK

Download Mondly Languages Premium APK 6.5.2 for Free on Android phone or tablet and run this app on your device.

Mondly Languages Premium File Information

Genre: Learn
Package ID: com.atistudios.mondly.languages
Developer Name: ATi Studios
App Version: 6.5.2
Required Android Version: 5.0 and up
App Size: 32.17 MB

Download Mondly Languages Premium APK 6.5.2

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Mondly Languages Premium v6.5.2 Apk Features

  • Learn a language in a much different way than the language class.
  • This app is the future of language courses which is now in your hands.
  • One can learn the language with pronunciation in Crystal-clear audio.
  • This app has some functions that can recognize speech.
  • Get positive feedback from this app to improve the language skills.
  • This app can teach user language of the real situation.
  • Conversation can be helpful for the learner which is offered by this app.
  • The user can get the verb conjugation with this application.
  • Track your progress with this app.
  • Know your friends’ improvement and compete with them.


  • A great way to learn a language.
  • This app can really help the user to learn a language in a fun full and easy way.
  • You can learn pronunciation easily with this application.
  • This app will feedback in your every action.
  • Learn from the conversation of a real situation.
  • Track your activities and progress report.
  • You can also track the progress of your friends and compete with them.


  • The navigation could be more improved.

Mondly Languages Premium Review

Language is the best way to communicate with peoples. So, We, people, have invented the best way of communication which is language. But there are so many languages in the world. If we want to communicate with a group of people that know only a particular language then we have no other way rather than learning that language.

For learning that language we need to join language classes. But that is also an old traditional way. In this modern era, We really felt boring to join any language class. So, What you would do now? We have some solution for you.

We have already reviewed many types of apps and games in ApkBoss. But we have not reviewed any app that can help you to learn a new language. Today we are gonna do this here. So, Without talking much, Let’s start this interesting review.

The app we are talking about is known as Mondly Languages Premium. The name of this app can bore you as it is a long stretched name but it really works great. The first thing we discuss in our review is the user interface. The UI is simple and seems okay to us.

Now we will talk about the purpose of this application. This app can teach you many languages in a much easier way. This app has some features that will give you real-life conversation experience. It will teach you the language in a way where you will not feel bored for a second.

Moreover, the progress statistics will force you to learn more. You can also compete with others who are also trying to learn any language like you. There are tons of useful features in this app like it has built-in pronunciation feature with crystal clear audio, it can recognize your speech, amazing feedback system for improving skills etc. There are many more in this app that we found while using.

These are some Pros of this app that we discussed here. We have found a con in this application. It has poor navigation system. This could be more improved. That’s all we found in this Android App. If you are looking for any language learning app then this app can be the best option for you. Download Mondly Languages Premium apk for free from the share link and stay tuned to this site for more amazing apps like this.


  1. Hello. I downloaded the app. After installing I have passed tutorial and I found out that the app is only the free version and I still have to buy the premium version. Is there any way how to fix this problem? How can I get to premium version of this app? Thanks for answer.

  2. Is this truly a Premium APK with everything unlocked or is there some special procedure I need to do to get all the lessons I would appreciate any help thank you very much I am downloading it and it will probably ask me to pay but I’m just curious thank you again

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