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SD Maid Pro

Download SD Maid Pro APK 4.10.1 for Free on Android phone or tablet and run this app on your device.

SD Maid Pro File Information

Genre: System Cleaner Tool
Package ID: eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocker
Developer Name: Draken
App Version: 4.10.1
Required Android Version: Varies with device
App Size: 5.85 MB

Download SD Maid Pro APK 4.10.1

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SD Maid Pro v4.10.1 Apk Features

  • Get the real fun of file management with SD Maid Pro.
  • Use the search option to find any file that you are looking for.
  • The CorpseFinder is a very useful feature as it can compare apps.
  • The user can freeze, reset or remove any app with the help of AppControl.
  • The system clean works very well.
  • Filters unnecessary files or create a customized filter.
  • Speed up your device with optimization.
  • Find out the biggest files and free up the space you need.
  • Get the files that have gone through modification in last few minutes.
  • Log analyzer can maintain the log records.
  • A real junk cleaner that works properly.
  • Duplicate file finder can help to free some extra space on your device.
  • A lot of advanced features included in this app.


  • Dive into the world of file management with SD Maid Pro.
  • Compare between apps that are already available in your device.
  • The AppControll feature is fun as it ensures control over the apps you are using.
  • System Cleaner of this app is worth praising.
  • The User can create their own filter to get the list of junk files.
  • Optimization through this app can speed up a device in the true sense.
  • Get the list of modified files easily.


  • Clutter Database feature needs improvement.
  • Translation is not that much impressive.

SD Maid Pro Review

SD Maid Pro is a file management tool available for Android OS which comes with a lot of rich features. We have used many file management tools in Android device before SD Maid Pro but most of them don’t work properly. Even some of the file management app may slow down the Android device. Here, We are going to share a review of this app.

We all use many types of files in our Android device and delete those files when we don’t need them. But after deleting, these files leaves some data on our device. As a result, Our device becomes slower. We can’t delete those data files with the built-in file manager of our device.

SD Maid Pro has system cleaner that can find the data files for us and we can delete them to get some more storage. This app has tons of features that can give the user the full control over file management. The user can search any file they want. The CorpseFinder feature can compare between apps which is a feature.

The User will get full control over any apps of their device. They can freeze, reset and remove any apps they want. System apps can also be removed through SD Maid Pro. We can speed up any device with optimization and this app can help the user to optimize and shrink the bloated database.

The user can find the biggest file on their device which is very kind of useful feature. There are many more features included on this app. So, If you are looking for any System cleaner tools with a lot of rich features then this application is for you. Download SD Maid Pro apk on your Android Device now and enjoy file management like never before.

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